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Josh Pellicer’s book, Tao of Badass, promises to provide a quick and long-lasting solution to panic attacks. Unlike its market competition, the methods illustrated in the book are not based around physical exercises to end the attack; instead, the author believes an agile mind is the solution required.

Extensive research has been conducted and successfully completed in the study of panic attacks. Recent studies have specifically dealt with the physiological changes when someone becomes a victim of a panic attack. The findings show that the brain activity moves from the front of the brain to its mid-section. Unless you are student of cognitive sciences, this means nothing. To put it simply, the thought processes move from rationale thinking (frontal brain section) to an area used for survival instincts (mid-section).

Even though there is no actual or present danger around you when you suffer a panic attack, the brain switches to survival and will not turn off. The other physical aspects of a panic attack are the result of this ‘change of mind’.

Sensations like truncated breathing are not the causes of a panic attacks, the shift in brain activity is. Drugs can provide assistance for subduing the brain’s chemical changes that cause the unnecessary panic. Though it must be made clear, they can only nullify the panic attacks, not cure their cause.

Finding the cause is the trickiest part of dealing with panic attacks. The part is elaborated on in all books dealing with the problem, and this could be a reason to fear a Tao of Badass . However, there is not one.

The book’s techniques are based on the practices perfected with the author’s first patient and the thousands of others since. Who was his first patient? His first patient was Josh Pellicer himself. After two years of debilitating panic attacks and an unsuccessful search for a cure, he took it upon himself to develop one.

By consulting research articles by world-leading scientists in the field of cognitive science, the writer devised a process that freed him from his prison of fear. The book teaches that the cause of panic attacks is the very anxiety and fear of them happening in the first place. From curing himself, and thousands of other sufferers, he has a technique for the long-term removal of panic attack fear in just seven minutes and twenty-one seconds.

If you buy the book, you will not be forced to read pages of dense science text concerning brain activity, or a solution to panic attacks that takes fifty steps. The author has done all the hard work, just buy, read, and save yourself from panic attacks in seven minutes and twenty-one seconds.

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